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An online business means you can work from anywhere in the world - all you need is a laptop and wifi connection
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With over 6,000 online courses within the system there are no limits to what you can learn. Whether you own your own business and want to learn how to grow it or if you do not yet have a business but want to learn from the experts how to start from scratch, there is a course available for you.  The world’s leading authorities on digital marketing and business teach you step by step with downloadable course material.


A learning academy that offers a business-in-a-box.  A step by step guide to get you up and running in your own business.  While you learn and develop your skills it is possible to start your business as soon as you’re ready.  You can choose an e-commerce business or affiliate business marketing other people’s products and services.  As you continue through the course, you’ll have the skills and know-how to market your own products or services.


Business can be a lonely place on your own but this academy is more than an online learning portal. You will have access to group training via online webinars, meet ups with other academy members local to you or regular company events worldwide. Connecting with various groups set up on social media where you can share, ask questions and get expert one on one help.

*Individual results will vary from person to person. Results are not guaranteed.
Please read the Disclaimer and Privacy Notices at bottom of  page.

What would it mean to you if you could choose your own working conditions, your own hours, have a regular income, need nothing more than a laptop computer and be able to work from anywhere in the world?
Would it make a difference to your lifestyle choices?


Margi Batson and her daughter Janie have partnered in an online digital marketing business.  Margi has qualifications in counselling and is a level 4 advanced FasterEFT therapist running a world-wide business from Darwin Australia.  Janie’s trained as a qualified Certified Chartered Accountant and her successful career spans 20+ years in the private equity industry.

Could you learn online marketing? Could you start your own online business, with or without your own products?

Yes and yes, Margi and Janie had no previous knowledge of online marketing and they don’t have their own products. They learned the skills through an educational platform, and market other people’s product and services for a commission.  This is known as affiliate marketing which, when done correctly is about getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time using various strategies for products and services we use and love.

The education program combines business and self-improvement. Margi and Janie are keen to work with people who, like them, understand the importance of re-educating themselves and who are serious about enriching their lives and being able to make better choices.

What does an online digital business mean to us?

1. A passive income, earning while we sleep

2. Having more time to be with each other and the rest of our family

3. Able to take holidays when and where we like

4. Being able to support our charities of choice

5. It will allow us both to pursue our passions (Janie’s being health and fitness; Margi’s being art)


Platinum Workshop – Perth – November 2017

I flew from Darwin to Perth, Janie flew from the UK to attend the 3 day workshop and Momentum Day. It was a great experience and well worth the effort, we met a community of people who are committed, dedicated and supportive of each other. We met with Stuart and Jay, the inspirational leaders of SFM and the amazing team behind the organisation. It was four days of learning and the realisation that we are part of a forward thinking, ground breaking, entrepreneurial business – exciting times ahead.

These are some of the community of entrepreneurs we met in Perth in 2017. They came from around the world, all committed, determined and keen to share their expertise and knowledge

The large group is the members from the Platinum workshop; centre photo is John Jackson (JJ) an inspiring member of the SFM team, and larger than life as you can see.  The photo of four of us Janie, Helena and Grant (the couple we first saw on a YouTube video) and Margi.  It was Helena’s authenticity that encouraged me to look further – so glad I did.

“To become wealthy, you first need to get real with yourself and your commitment to it.”

*Individual results will vary.  Please read the full disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

We are committed to supporting and helping others create an online business. We’re excited to introduce you to the tools and training and to the supporting and friendly community that has helped us find our purpose and direction

Full Disclaimer: Note that individual results will vary and income success is never guaranteed. You are given the online tools and education to help you start your business, but the effort you put in is what will determine your success. Although our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program because it all depends on your determination, hard work, persistence and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, you need to take full responsibility for your business.

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